5/1/2017 William Gagnon I have always had great service from Certified Transmissions. Have used this company numerous times for my personal and business vehicles, and they are dependable, honest and efficient. We will continue to use Certified and would highly recommend to others.
We highly appreciate customers like you, Mr. Gagnon who know your vehicles and also know how to keep them well maintained and serviced. You also are very understanding and patient when work on your vehicles require a little longer to make sure the work is just right. Thank you for being such a great customer! - Certified Transmissions, Inc.
2/26/2017 Kathleen Cook As always, the service was perfect.
Thank you so much, Kathleen. It is only what you deserve! - Certified Transmissions, Inc.
1/9/2017 Bill Nebeker You always do a great job. If there is ever any problem after the auto has been worked on, you correct it to my requests. Thanks, Bill Nebeker
It is your request and whatever is the right thing to do that guides our work, Bill. It's always a pleasure to discuss your ride with you. - Certified Transmissions, Inc.
12/16/2016 Kathleen Cook Everything was perfect as always.
That about sums up the kind of person and customer you are Kathleen! Thank you for your trust and repeat business. We are here whenever your ride needs maintenance, service, or repairs and to simply answer any automotive questions you may have. Please stop in just to say Hi as well. - Certified Transmissions, Inc.
12/6/2016 Edward Bowe I am pretty certain the tranytrany is working less certain about water pump as engine light and low coolant are both on. LIKED staff.
Please call us and bring it in ASAP! We're here to help keep you "on the road!" We have ASE Certified Master Techs to help in any general automotive and/or transmission issues you may have!! Thank you for your review, trust, and business! - Certified Transmissions, Inc.
11/29/2016 Kattie Raffensperger This shop is awesome. Not only did they do a spectacular job on my vehicle, they provided crucial information about other concerns the mechanic found.
Thank you so much, Kattie! This kind of review just reflects how great a customer you are. Not only do you have automotive questions, YOU ASK THEM!! We certainly appreciate your concern with your "ride." Please stop by with ANY questions, or just to say "HI" any time! - Certified Transmissions, Inc.
11/4/2016 John Shaphat You went the extra mile in repairing and warranting my truck! Thanks Mike.
You are worth it, John. Thank you for your time to leave this great review and for being a great customer. We look forward to keeping your ride on the road!! - Certified Transmissions, Inc.
10/4/2016 Phil And Charlene Evenson Service on all my vehicles have been great. I had ac compressor problems on my CRV that they fixed, and later had problems with it in Penn. Shop in Penn. that repaired it said the warranty co. was fantastic. Had problems again when I got home, and certified traced another problem, the condenser coil was bad, that may have caused all the problems. They repaired this at a very fair price. They also Went through my motor home before my 8000 mile trip, with absolutely no problems.
Phil and Charlene, although getting to the bottom of your RV's issues was a bit frustrating, working with you folks never was! Our biggest concern was any delays in your travels. We were thrilled to finally clear up what was probably the cause of the problems all along. Thank you for your patience and a really big THANK YOU! for your wonderful review. Please enjoy your time with your rig, which we will do our best to keep on the road! Thank you, again! - Certified Transmissions, Inc.
10/3/2016 John Shaphat Paul, Thanks once again for all of your excellent service to my truck through the years. The staff at Certified Transmissions are exceptional. John Shaphat
We really appreciate your wonderful review. You are a great customer and very knowledgeable about your vehicles. Please don't hesitate to just come in and say "HI!" We enjoy visiting with you! - Certified Transmissions, Inc.
9/22/2016 Bill Nebeker Paul and everyone at Certified Transmissions is always great. We are pleased with everything you all did for my car. Merry & Bill Nebeker
Your review, Merry and Bill, shows how great our customers are. You are the reason we are in business. Thank you. We look forward to serving you down the road (so to speak) whether you have an automotive question, service or repair need, or just to stop in and say "Hi!" - Certified Transmissions, Inc.
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